Is your logo doing you justice?

posted on June 3rd 2014 in Design News with 0 Comments

Poor Logos: A definite marketing no-no.

Take a long look at your logo, is it looking tired, has it seen better days? One of the simplest ways to improve your collateral is to have a great logo.

Here are some great logo design tips….

  • Does your logo look dated? If your brand has a retro feel that’s fine but ensure retro is portrayed in the right way and the logo doesn’t look old and shabby.
  • Your logo should convey your brand essence and preferably include your positioning statement.
  • Is your logo original  against your competition (don’t be a me too!). Your company has unique elements that makes you better than your competitors, pull this out in your branding and stand out. Don’t be dull and grey.
  • Using a unique font is a great way to stand out but ensure that your logo is legible and test it with some colleagues to ensure that there is no embarrassing interpretation. Simplicity is best, don’t over complicate or make images too fancy and hard to print.
  • Using icons or motifs can be a great way to build your brand, designers can source stock images and develop them rather than drawing free hand to save time and costs, these icons can be used throughout your communication and add life and movement to your messages.
  • Give your icons a bit of movement or depth either through colour, shading or the style of the drawing itself, think non-static.
  • Designers can use clever tricks like wrapping images and words together to portray two meanings (creating an optical illusion) and arranging images and text into a neat space that is workable on all your collateral. This can be harder to achieve if you develop your logo in house unless you are very skilled.
  • If you are developing some of your own collateral ask your designer for several versions of your logo (don’t try and adopt them yourself). E.g. with or without your strapline, with or without your icon / motif if you have one, in black and in white out. If you have an icon or motif ask for this separately and use it within your communication.
  • Ensure that you have high resolution vector files with your images to send to printers or affiliate companies for website links etc. or use yourself. Jpeg images are fine for dropping into your Word documents etc. though so get both.
  • Finally your logo is just the start of your company image. Execute your branding, colours and positioning statement across the whole of your business from signage through to collateral right through to how you and your staff behave and even dress. This will improve your brand saliency and company image

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